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About Aayush Bhansali

I've been tinkering with robots for quite some time now, turning ideas into inventions and having a ton of fun along the way. My journey has been sprinkled with some awesome moments, like winning the Inspire, IRIS, ATL Marathon, and Raman Awards. Not stopping there, I even patented a healthcare device! When I'm not busy with robots, you can find me hitting the trails for a run or a trek, embracing the great outdoors.

Teaching is another passion of mine—I love sharing the cool stuff about robotics, science, and technology with my peers and kids who might not have as much access to these resources. It's all about lighting up that spark of curiosity and innovation in others. Speaking of exciting experiences, I got the chance to represent India in the Sakura Science Exchange Program in Japan, which was absolutely incredible! It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with other tech enthusiasts from around the world and show what India can do in the tech scene.

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